Callalily and Kiss Jane Mash-up review

Callalily and Kiss Jane - Coke Music Studio - 4
Jaq and Kean

The episodes featuring Callalily’s and Kiss Jane’s rehearsals looks fun. Well, the idea of collaborating with another artist is really exciting for another recording artist because of the creativity they put in their musical arrangement. I think they are also thrilled working with Raimund Marasigan with their musical arrangement. Raimund Marasigan’s bands are under the management of Soupstar Entertainment where Callalily also belongs.

Callalily and Kiss Jane - Coke Music Studio - 3
Jaq and Kean

In my previous post, I noted that the mash-up will probably work because of the theme that’s common in both of their songs “Liwanag” (by Callalily) and “Lagi” (by Kiss Jane). For the mash-up, the ones who performed are Callalily (all members) and Jaq (of Kiss Jane). I think that the outcome of the mash-up is good and it come out slightly similar to what I have imagined.

Callalily and Kiss Jane - Coke Music Studio - 6

Are you excited for the next mash-up? 🙂

Check out the photos of Callalily and Kiss Jane here:

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Episode 9
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