Butterfly Park

Is this a fake flower?

If you are appreciative of the beauty of nature, Butterfly Park in Sanya, Hainan is just amongst the points of interest to go to. It boasts of a 1.5 hectare garden with our colorful winged friends thriving there. According to the sign I saw inside the park, the best time to go around the butterfly park is on sunny days at 9am to 11am. Between 12pm to 3pm, the butterflies like to swing around. Thus, between the said time duration, it would be very hard for you to capture a photograph of a butterfly. The entrance fee is 21 RMB per person.

Before exploring the park, you’ll see a museum filled with different species of butterflies. The butterflies displayed there are the preserved ones already. They are all enclosed in the walls with a glass casing. Each set of enclosure has descriptions both in English and in Mandarin. In addition to that, their scientific names are also included.

Upon exiting the museum, you’ll be then touring the park which is enclosed with a net of some sort to prevent the butterflies from going out of the park area. Upon exiting from the park, you’ll see a shopping center where you could buy some bookmarks with dried butterflies, products made of sea shells of various species and products made of coconut.

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