Bumming Around

Thesis mode was turned off just last Monday when I submitted the three copies of our thesis documentation, our video documentation, and the soft copy of our thesis and the copy of the software. Tuesday came and with that, I got a new position:


For two days, I’m just here at home, surfing the internet, specifically the Job Search sites, looking for a job that I could apply to. The relief due to getting the thesis done would last only for a day. Why? Because you will have a new problem. And that problem would be is changing your PROFESSIONAL BUM status as soon as possible.

Even if I’m a professional bum, I’d still want to be productive. A few hours ago, I cleaned up my room. Last night, I finished a template for my friend’s blog. Later, I might be making a new layout for my Dad’s company. I would also continue reading The Da Vinci Code.

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