Bring Back the Childhood Memories

When we were still kids and when Mom was still around the house, she would usually bake macaroons. It has been my ultimate favorite ever since. And when my parents got separated, there were no macaroons that would remind us of the times when my parents were still together. She did not bake those macaroons for profit. In fact, Mom made it out of her love for us. And that would certainly describe how delicious the macaroons are.

Mom would use to bake the macaroons at an area in the kitchen where the water dispenser and the plastic cabinet is located (that’s the location of our gas range before). When my parents got separated, the gas range was not used and became a storage area of plastic bags. Later on, the gas range was disposed.

It’s funny how simple things would remind us of our most treasured memories. One time, a friend shared to me that she buys a book everytime there’s an important event, be it a good one or a bad one. And everytime she sees that particular book, she would always recall those memories vividly as if it is a part of a certain novel associated with it.

For me, I can associate any memory with anything, be it a movie, a song, a place, or a concrete object. For example, when I see doctors or any medical equipment, it would always remind me of the days when I was still playing Doctor-Doctoran with my neighbors and that really depicted of my dreams of becoming a doctor which would also remind me of my younger sister that has once dreamt of being a painter… of nails that is. And it would also remind me that when I reached second year High School, Biology became my least appreciated subject which made me dropped my plans of becoming a doctor.

How about you? What simple thing actually reminded you of something special?

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