Boyband Mode

The Cube Bully, after wearing his ultimate boyband outfit sometime to the office introduced the boyband mode playlist of some of our fellow singer cube dwellers. By the way, when I say singer, it does not have to mean that they could be a possible bet to the Star in a Million or to whatever Pinoy version of American Idol is shown at present. However, the boyband get-up of Cube Bully is not the only reason for the boyband mode playlist. They said that they want some happy songs. Then, they started thinking of a boyband song. They first thought of Quit Playing Games with my Heart which is a Backstreet Boys original. Clearly, Quit Playing Games with my Heart is not a happy song. In my attempts in dissecting the song and creating a rather effective title for it, I have come up with, “Die you fat-ass two-timing fool!” So when you hear someone say Quit Playing Games with my Heart, it is a subtle way of saying, “Die you fat-ass two-timing fool!”

Then, someone suggested I want it that way which is another BSB original. And it is still not a happy song. Again, I want it that way is another way of saying, “I’m the law, and so shall it be followed!” This song is for the commanders and their respective unders. I hope you get what I mean by commander and under. Hehehe!

After that, they just opted for a Spice Girls song. And the boyband mode went kapoot!

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