Boracay Day 1

Pinoy Bloggers written on sand

I went to Boracay with some bloggers in a trip sponsored by SEAIR (airfare), Microtel (food and accommodation), and Zuzuni (dinner last Saturday). It was my first time to go in an out of town trip with most of them. In our flight going to Caticlan, I was part of the first batch who departed. We stayed at the SEAIR Airport Lounge to wait for the second batch of bloggers.

We went to the Butterfly Garden located at the back of the SEAIR Lounge. Before going to Boracay, you could explore the Butterfly Garden first. 🙂 Then, the second batch of bloggers arrived. We headed towards Boracay island.

Upon our arrival at Microtel, we were welcomed by the staff and gave us a garland made of shells plus a damp face towel with a minty scent. I was really impressed with their hospitality and their service. After a hefty lunch, we decided to walk towards the main beach. Melo then, suggested to walk towards Station 2 to get his strawberry shake fix. While walking, we found ourselves taking pictures of lovely dogs that we’ve come across. Of course, Gail cannot help but have pictures with them. 😀

Whiskey the dog

Then, we passed by a huge sand castle. Together with Anton, Eric, Gail, Marc, Melo, Ferdz, and Fernando, we had our group picture. 😀 When we’re near where the shakes are supposed to be located, Melo told us that it’s closed. So, we looked around and then went to Cafe Cristina which is owned by Boracay Regency. We then rewarded ourselves with a fruit shake after that long walk which was about 2km.

Since we’re tired already, we just took the Microtel Shuttle service to go back to the hotel and rest a bit. After freshening up, Microtel organized some games for us. 😀 My team mates were Noemi, Abe, Melo, Eric, Marc and Anton. The goal of the first game is that the team with the heaviest sack (filled with sand) wins. The catch is, we have to go to the beach (knee-deep) and get the sand there. We won unexpectedly and each of us were given a mouse pad. 😀 The next and last game was limbo rock. Before each of us would take the limbo, we were required to have a vodka shot. Surprisingly, our team won. 😀

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