Blog of the Week at PinoyBlog.Com

The first thing I had this morning is not breakfast, but, a surprise after visiting PinoyBlog. They have a new section and it is the PinoyBlog of the week and they featured my site as the first PinoyBlog of the week.

Here’s an excerpt of their article:

While we’re still meticulously preparing the polling, here’s the first featured pinoy blog.

“Rockersworld.Com is a personal website of Karla Redor, blogging live via Paranaque City. She is a 22-year old graduating student at DLSU-Manila. An amateur photographer, graphics and layout artist. Has been blogging for more than a year already. Active in several forums.”

That Karla is a photography bug is obvious. The banner graphic tells us about a place, its mood and the blogger’s message: stop at this location and read my stuff!

Rocker’s World is a visually well-designed blog. Black, grey and white with touches of red: generally neutral with just the right amount of color. Beyond the visuals, the entries are well-written and give the reader a good insight about the life and character of the blogger–she is voraciously taking in life in general. No sissy, this Karla. She is self-assured with very strong opinions. You know, the kind of girl who knows what she’s talking about and knows how to talk about it.

For blog design, 5/5. For written content, 4/5.


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