Blocked in China?

My blog is blocked in China! I tested using the website Great Firewall of China. John Chow’s test result is also the same as mine. However, he mentioned that when he was in China, he was able to access his blog and as for my blog, I was not able to access it there. Thus, I was not able to blog there. So I did an offline blogging instead. 😀 I just wrote everything in Microsoft Word and saved the document. Then, I just copied and pasted the entries when I got back in Manila. 😀

Spreading some link loving!

Bembang Blogs – Not blocked
Kiss Fendi – blocked
Thoughts in Binary – Not blocked

I just hoped that my URL is not blocked in China as suggested by their disclaimer:

this version 1.0 may report sites as being ‘blocked’, while there are only technical reasons for their unavailability.
It’s’s aim to collaboratively build a community that will be able to visualize Internet censorship in an increasingly accurate way.

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