Better be late than never

If I’m going to use the Philippine timezone as the basis of Blog Day (which is supposed to be August 31), then it’s over. However I would really want to share 5 blogs here.

Fashion Vice. Fashion Vice is a fashion blog. Basically, I’m not the type of person who would browse over fashion magazines and know what’s the latest in the scene. But, I do enjoy looking at photos of products and check the lighting conditions.

This Gay Christian’s Blog. I admire the author’s wit and most of all, being true to himself.

Designers Who Blog. This is a collection of featured blogs of designers. This is something that should inspire graphic designers to blog and to share their ideas through blogging.

Blog Critics. Blog Critics is a series of reviews with categories like: Music, Books, TV/film, culture, politics, sports, gaming and, science and technology.

My Extra Life. You may come to think of this as a comic strip blog. But wait, there’s more! Scroll down and you will get to read more interesting stuff.

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