Best Live Acts I’ve Seen in 2009

The Eraserheads Final Set

Raims shocked in front of Ely

This is the concert that we’ve waited for. Me and Sha ditched our Cagayan de Oro trip just to be able to watch this concert. The best part would be when Ely lit up a paper and put it on the Sticker Happy piano and poured lighter fluid over it.

Nyco Maca and Playground with Cynthia Alexander

Rare moments of seeing Nyco Maca and Playground with Cynthia Alexander perform on-stage is one priceless moment. I was able to watch their collaboration on-stage at a certain Jack Daniels’ event in NBC Tent. 🙂

Sugarfree Dekada

This is one of the most memorable concerts that I’ve been to. Ebe Dancel took my camera while he was singing on top of a row of seats in front of us. When I watched the video, I learned that he kissed the camera. Haha.

Nine Inch Nails

NIN Concert in Manila 3

Trent Reznor throwing his guitar up is truly made of awesomeness. NIN rocked Araneta Coliseum that night.


Katwo of Duster - 1

What I like about Duster’s live performances is their energy. There’s no Duster set that I didn’t enjoy.

Us-2 Evil-0

Us-2 Evil-0

The last live act I’ve seen this year is Us-2 Evil-0 (evening of December 29, but technically December 30). The tandem of Mich Dulce and Quark Henares as the front-man and front-woman for Us-2 Evil-0 is like a match made in heaven.

Turbo Goth

Turbo Goth at NIN Night 13

The first time that I was able to watch Turbo Goth was during NIN Night at Saguijo. They’re certainly an amazing duo especially with Paolo’s crazy antics. 😀

If I was at the NU107 Rock Awards 2009, I would have included Up Dharma Down in the list. Based from the video that I saw on YouTube, Carlos Tanada smashed his guitar on-stage. 😀

Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

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