Being Professional and Fair

Course Cards were distributed just yesterday and so, professionalism is expected to be observed by the professors. Many in our batch our graduating this term. Some made it while others did not. The “others” would of course plead for mercy to their professors and reason out that they are graduating and such and that it is only in his/her subject that they failed. They would likely ask for a special project or a removal exam. But then again, this is college, not High School. Welcome to the real world. College is not the world where anybody can just tame their professors by just giving them a look in the face like that of Puss in Boots in Shrek 2. One should expect that he/she would never get a passing grade in an instant.

If you do not graduate because you flunked one of your subjects, then it is not the fault of your professor. It is the result of your actions. In college, most professors won’t mind if you are graduating or not. What you deserve is what you should get. Also, it would be really unfair for others who strived hard in passing the subject.
I know that it is a bitter experience for not being able to graduate just because of one failing mark. However, that experience should be a wake up call to you. It should remind you that you should not be over-confident and that you should make it up by studying harder.
And to the just professors, I salute you.

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