Barney’s favorite word is legendary

I just started watching How I Met Your Mother. And it’s too bad that I was more than a year late for the first season of this TV series. My brother got a DVD copy and I saw him watching there and he was laughing like crazy. Thus, I watched with him and I found myself laughing my heart out. During the course of the 6-episode marathon, I figured that Barney’s (Neil Patrick Harris) favorite word is legendary. He never failed to say the word legendary every time he’s going to do something that others won’t because they do not have enough guts. One perfect example is licking the rim of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. In this TV series, he mentioned the word blog a couple of times and it was not shown there on TV. Thus, I searched for the internet and found out from TV Squad that Barney has a blog and he has an entry about his “legendary experience“, something monumental or perhaps something crazy :D.

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