Bad Mood Levels Up

I only had 3 and a half hours of sleep and I was not feeling very well when I got out of bed. I woke up at around 8am because my brother had to use the computer. Then, I slept again. After another 30 minutes, the phone rang and I heard Ate Jasmin’s voice and said that it’s my mom. As expected, she mistook (for the nth time) Lanie’s voice for Mom’s. She said that the driver will pick me up there. And so, I walked around with so much effort, dragging myself around the house because I have this yearning to sleep even if it is just for 15 minutes. But as I have experienced before, I should not sleep again for I may wake up one hour later unless Ate Jasmin would wake me up. And so, I ate breakfast and ate some sweets to keep myself awake. Then, I went online for a while since it has been a routine from the time that I have been bumming around the house. And mind you, it has been a month and a half after my graduation. Afterwards, I met up with my cousin and went to Taft to pick up the video cam and it totally pissed me off because I was told the last minute that I have to pick up the video cam because there will be another set of nurses to be interviewed. When we arrived there, it turned out that the shop was closed for a lunch break and it sucked big time because we have to wait for an hour or so. We just then decided to go to the office and have our lunch there and also for the sole purpose of killing some time. Upon arriving there, we ordered our lunch and I said that I will be ordering a Tapsilog and my cousin will be ordering a Tosilog. After feeling that time is already running out and it is already 15 minutes before 1pm, my cousin and I decided to go back to Taft Avenue in order to get the camera. I felt so relieved as I took the camera with me because I might screw up the scheduled interview even if it is not really my fault.

We went back to the office and now, the problem is that there is still one camera lacking. The other employees said that they borrowed a video cam and it was waiting to be delivered. While waiting for the other video cam to be delivered, we were just eating at the pantry. And it sucks because they thought that we ordered for two tosilog’s and since I don’t have a choice, I ate it instead. It’s not that I don’t like to eat tocino. It’s because that I already had my sufficient pork intake yesterday and thought that I should order something beefy. My bad mood levels have terribly increased at that point.

After lunch, my cousin took a video at the other room and me at the room adjacent to it. And there was another increase in my bad mood level since there was no tripod and it was like that I was carrying a dumbell for around 30 minutes with approximately 10 to 15 second breaks. Shooting with a video cam is certainly interesting but shooting it for more than ten times is already hell. It’s as if you’re watching replays of interviews at BBC having 10 to 15 seconds gap. And as expected, another increase in my bad mood level. I was not smiling anymore and it is unusual for me not to smile unless I am in a bad mood.

After the set of interviews, me and my cousin went back to Taft Avenue so that we could have it transferred to VCD format. Then, I just decided to have it edited on Thursday since I just do not want the clips to be simply dumped in a VCD or two. I believe that the blooper clips and the other unnecessary clips such as standing up must be removed. Even though, I know how to edit videos, it simply makes the job faster. Because if I have it transferred to a VCD today, I will get the CD’s on Thursday. And I will start editing it on Thursday if ever. If I’ll have it edited on Thursday, it will be done on the same day and I guess it will be much faster because they are experts in video editing unlike me because I’m just a novice and I still have to learn about Adobe Premiere.

Sigh, I wish I could go home right now and take a little nap to lower down my bad mood levels.

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