AXN Event and Assumption Fair

I met my friend Lee just outside Glorietta 3. She texted me that they will be playing there. I didn’t know that there will be an AXN event. I was able to catch Agaw Agimat. QT has a way of getting the crowd to interact. She went down the stage and walked barefoot on the asphalt road towards a group of teenage guys. Then, she went back to the stage. Then, The Mongols performed. I should have brought The Mongols album with me so that I could have it signed from them. Afterwards, Mayonnaise performed. They played a new song which is the second on their playlist. It’s called Panaginip. After that, we went to Tower Records to see if there is already a copy of their album.

Finally, I was able to get my copy of Mayonnaise at Tower Records. I was looking for it yesterday there because Lee texted me that it’s gonna be out on all record bars. However, they were not able to put some CDs there. So, I opted buying Kitchie Nadal’s album at Music1 because I only saw one copy there and I think I haven’t seen one at Tower Records.

Afterwards, we went to Assumption College. They played at the High School fair. At the Assumption school grounds, I saw Louie Talan. He played bass for Kapatid. By the time we went inside the gym, Dicta License was already on their last song. Just before Mayonnaise performed, I saw Tiff who formerly books gigs at Millenia (it’s closed if you still don’t know). She was selling Radioactive Sago Project CDs and asked me to buy one. However, I don’t have enough money left to buy another CD so I told her that I would just buy a pin from her. So, if you do not have any copies of Radioactive Sago Project yet, just buy your copies from Tiff. And don’t forget to buy pins from her. The pins cost 20 bucks each.

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