Autodesk Solutions Day 2006

Autodesk Solutions Day at Manila, Philippines was recently held at Makati Shangri-La. Rizal Ballrooms A, B and C were all filled with people coming from different fields such as Civil and GIS, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, and Education. At the event, I saw my former blockmate in college and some of my former students who took up the Autodesk Inventor training at the Training Center. You would also notice in the picture that there are people wearing the bright yellow shirts. And yes, I am one of those wearing the yellow shirts there.

Autodesk gave away an HP laptop, an HP iPaq, an iPod, a certain Linksys product and a digital camera in their raffle draw. Of course, I am not one of the lucky winners. Hehehe! However, since I signed the feedback form, I got a cool calculator slash calendar. It’s compact and it would give you an impression that it is a high-tech face powder that slides open when you push a particular button.

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