Autodesk Manufacturing Community Portal

I have never thought that someone like me would be featured at the In the Machine blog of the Autodesk Manufacturing Community where Amy Bunszel is the columnist. She is one of the product managers of Autodesk Inventor Professional and it was such an honor to be featured there. It was posted there since the 23rd of March and I was only able to find out about it recently when I joined the Autodesk Manufacturing Community Portal after attending the 4-day Manufacturing Solutions Division Technical training for the new releases of Autodesk products this year. Surely, there are a lot of improvements for the 11th release of Autodesk Inventor. In fact, it is their biggest release. So, if you are an Inventor user, please do join the Autodesk Manufacturing Community portal since it is not only Autodesk makes the software better but the users themselves.

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