Watching The Eraserheads live in Singapore

At the catwalk - Eraserheads 2013 Singapore
The Eraserheads at the catwalk with the 5th Ehead, Sancho

It was my first time to watch a concert overseas. And it’s not a foreign act. It’s one of my favorite bands in the Philippines, The Eraserheads. You may think that it’s crazy to go to Singapore and watch our fellow countrymen perform even though that we can watch them here. After they disbanded, I saw them reunited in 2008. Then, I was able to get a chance to watch the Eraserheads in 2009. After 2009, I thought that was the last time that I will be able to see them live. Thus, when I heard about the Singapore concert, I got really excited. Continue reading “Watching The Eraserheads live in Singapore”

Testing the Canon Powershot G15 in a concert

Ebe Dancel at RockEd Children's Rights Concert - 10
Ebe Dancel

While most of the people around me are using a dSLR, I opted to test the Canon Powershot G15 in a concert organized by RockEd Philippines last November. The Canon PowerShot G15 is way different from its predecessor. It’s widest end (focal length) is at f/1.8 while it’s farthest end is at f/2.8 which is pretty good for taking pictures in low-light.

Here are some of the photos that I took during the concert.

Gracenote at RockEd Children's Rights Concert -

The picture below shows how near I am to the stage. This camera is good if you’re really close to the stage. Otherwise, it’s better to have a camera with you that has a longer focal length.

Sandwich at RockEd Children's Rights Concert - 12

I’m pleased with the performance of this camera. For a big concert like this with a long line-up, the camera survived even if I recorded some videos with it too.

Kalayo at RockEd's Children Rights Concert 2012 - 2

Check out the full set here.

Ely Buendia Live at the Music Museum

Ely Buendia Live at the Music Museum - 2

Last night, we were able to watch Ely Buendia’s solo major concert at the Music Museum. What’s special about this concert is that it’s backed up by a 15-piece orchestra!

The show started with “Alapaap” and ended with “Ang Huling El Bimbo”. Ely Buendia’s recent concert has a balanced song selection. Some songs featured are from The Eraserheads, songs from the album “Wanted BedSpacer” (post-Eraserheads era), and his collaboration with the late Francis Magalona.

Aside from the 15-piece orchestra, Ely Buendia was joined on the stage by Mayo Baluyut (bass), Romel “Sancho” Sanchez (guitars), Gox (keyboards), and Wendell Garcia (drums). Nitoy Adriano was the only special guest at the concert last night. He played with them during the song “Ang Huling El Bimbo” (watch the video here by Sharlyne Ang).

One of the songs which I think has one of the best arrangements during last night’s show is “Magasin”. It was awesome! To those who missed the show, watch the video below. 🙂 I will upload more videos soon. 🙂

Check out some of my selected photos below. 🙂

Ely Buendia Live at the Music Museum - 9
Mayo Baluyut on bass

Ely Buendia Live at the Music Museum - 7
Wendell on drums

Ely Buendia Live at the Music Museum - 21
Ely showing his guitar tricks

Ely Buendia Live at the Music Museum - 29
Nitoy Adriano joins them during the song “Ang Huling El Bimbo”

Ely Buendia Live at the Music Museum - 33
Sing it!

Ely Buendia Live at the Music Museum - 35
A fan gets to be on the stage with Ely Buendia

Ely Buendia Live at the Music Museum - 43
Sancho and Nitoy Adriano

Check out my entire Ely Buendia live at the Music Museum photo set on Flickr!

Wolfgang at Tiendesitas’ 7th Anniversary

Wolfgang at Tiendesitas' 7th Anniversary - 2

It was my first time to watch a gig in Tiendesitas last night. Apparently, it’s the 7th anniversary of Tiendesitas. Aside from Wolfgang, Electric Sala, Razorback, and Chickoy Pura, Zach Lucero and Francis Reyes performed too. 😀

Wolfgang at Tiendesitas' 7th Anniversary - 1

By the way, Wolfgang has released an album entitled “Ang Bagong Dugo sa Lumang Ugat”. It’s available in iTunes! What’s interesting about their new album is that all of the songs are in Filipino. What’s also unique about this, is that they’re not releasing the entire album as one. They’re releasing it in three parts!

Track List (Unang Kabanata):
1. Kandila
2. Sandata
3. Ang Bagong Dugo Sa Lumang Ugat
4. Bulag

Wolfgang at Tiendesitas' 7th Anniversary - 3

They are also selling CDs of the first part of the album. It’s available at PhP 180 each! Watch out for the last two parts of this concept album.

Awesome crowd of Tiendesitas

Thanks Niña Sandejas for giving us the opportunity to shoot Wolfgang! 🙂 More photos coming soon 🙂

Sandwich Flash Gig

Sandwich at Oishi OWow Flash Gig - 4

Oishi OWow and RockEd Philippines had a flash gig in Glorietta Food Choices last September 26. I’ve learned about the flash gig in Twitter. Just like the Flash Mob, the flash gig is supposed to be surprised and no one except for the people involved should know about it. Anyway, I guess it must be hard to execute a flash gig because it would be hard to hide a drum set.

Take a look at the picture below. This is how they hid the drum set.

The people who have probably seen the guitars at the back must have suspected something already. 😀

Sandwich at Oishi OWow Flash Gig - 8

Thanks to RockEd Philippines and Oishi OWow for putting up something like this. I hope to see more flash gigs soon. 🙂 Check out more photos from the flash gig here.

Act of Congress: Fine Country/Bluegrass music

Act of Congress - 6

Last Wednesday, I got a chance to go to a CCP Master Class with Act of Congress. Before Act of Congress went to Manila for the CCP master classes and a series of public performances, they went to Thailand. They taught Bluegrass (a sub-genre of country music according to Wikipedia) to Bangkok students. Check out their videos from their Thailand tour here.

Diwa de Leon at the Act of Congress Master Class
Diwa de Leon and his group

In the recently concluded CCP master class, local artists performed and one of them is Diwa de Leon. Diwa de Leon used a hegalong. Hegalong is an authentic T’boli (a tribe from Mindanao) guitar. It was not my first time to see one since I’ve acquired one for myself. But it was my first time to see a hegalong that you can plug to an amplifier. It was amazing to see them live since they got to perform Diwa de Leon’s song that was just composed on the same morning of the master class. The song was called “Act of Progress“.

Time by Act of Congress

After the local artists have performed, Act of Congress followed. In the above video, they performed “Time”. It was from their recent album “Worth Fighting For”. You can get it in iTunes, Amazon Music or from their website. Act of Congress is just one of the artists that is part of the “American Music Abroad” program. This program aims to promote international cultural exchange by introducing various American musical genres in more than 40 countries in 2012 and on 2013. This program is brought to you by U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and Association of American Voices.

Act of Congress is Adam Wright (guitar/mandolin/vocals), Chris Griffin (guitar), Tim Carroll (bass), and Bethany Borg (fiddle). They’re from Alabama, USA. Please do catch the scheduled public performances of Act of Congress in Manila.

Act of Congress Scheduled Public Performances in Manila
September 14 at 7:00 p.m. in Marilao, Bulacan
September 15 at 6:00 p.m. at The Podium
September 16 at 5:00 p.m. at the Concert at the Park at Rizal Park

They will also have a jamming session at the 70s Bistro with Bayang Barrios and Kalayo at the 70s Bistro right after their gig in The Podium. 🙂

Act of Congress
YouTube Channel
Official Twitter Account
Official Facebook page

Ely Buendia’s Greatest Hits

Ely Buendia Greatest Hits - 19

Last August 3, 2012, Ely Buendia had a concert at Hard Rock Cafe, Makati. It’s a benefit concert for the building of A. Mabini Youth Center. Hard Rock Cafe was packed with people and I’m happy to be there because I was not only able to see Ely Buendia perform one of my favorite songs but because of my small contribution to the A. Mabini Youth Center.

Ely Buendia Greatest Hits - 6

Ely Buendia performed songs from The Eraserheads, from his solo album “Wanted Bedspacer”, and some songs from “In Love and War” (Ely Buendia’s collaboration with the late Francis Magalona).

One of my favorite songs that were performed is “Tikman” (from the Bananatype EP). “Tikman” was also once used as a commercial jingle for Burger Machine.

Do check out my other photos of Ely Buendia’s Greatest Hits here.

Ely Buendia Greatest Hits - 16

After Ely Buendia’s Greatest Hits Concert, the Ely Buendia Live show was held last August 17 at the Activity Center of Glorietta in Makati. Tomorrow, Ely Buendia will have another show at the Activity Center of TriNoMa at 7pm (August 24). Will there be a next Ely Buendia show? Perhaps in Cebu or Davao? 🙂

Silent Sanctuary’s Paalam: Coming Soon!

I received a message from Chino David, Silent Sanctuary’s violinist that they will be releasing a new single soon! I just played the pre-release copy of the single entitled “Paalam”. 🙂

“Paalam” is a song on saying on goodbye to a relationship. The lyrics are simple and straightforward with a very clear message that strikes you especially if you’re mending a broken heart. The message of the song also suggests some resentment of someone who possibly have done something wrong on why they had to say goodbye to their relationship.

Here’s an excerpt of the lyrics of “Paalam”

Paalam na sa mga yakap at halik
sa tamis at pait
Bakit hinayaan
Sinayang ko lang ang iyong wagas na pag-ibig

“Paalam” will hit the airwaves soon. Music and lyrics by Sarkie Sarangay. 🙂

Finally, Death Cab for Cutie!

Death Cab for Cutie Live in Manila - 24
Audience shows some love for Death Cab for Cutie

I’m actually way behind in posting this. 😀

I have missed a lot of bands in my foreign acts to see bucket list but I would definitely not miss seeing Death Cab for Cutie live. I was not able get the best spot however, thanks to my trusty point-and-shoot super zoom camera! I was able to record some videos and took some photos during the concert. Continue reading “Finally, Death Cab for Cutie!”

Rocked Philippines’ Gig for Warm Iligan and H2O for CDO

Dong Abay at Undies Gig - 2
Dong Abay

It’s always a pleasure for me to go to gigs organized by Rocked Philippines because we’re not only there for the music, we’re also there to support a cause. It was held at Route 196 (along Katipunan Ave). The highlight for me that night was when Dong Abay performed. Continue reading “Rocked Philippines’ Gig for Warm Iligan and H2O for CDO”