Is that a Star?

I was gazing at the sky on the way home. Then, I saw this “star”. However, I am not sure if that is really a star since it is unusually bright and it looks larger than the other stars. In addition to that, it was not even blinking, so I am sure that it is not an airplane at all.
Any wild guess? I think it’s the planet Venus, but then, that’s just my theory. Meanwhile, my friend said that there is a storm over Jupiter. But if it is Jupiter, why is it that it is that big? We all know that Jupiter is farther than Mars. Mars and Venus are the nearest planets to Earth.
Well, I guess we should leave it all to NASA. I hope that there would be a press release about this issue.

Grounded at the age of 22?

I am 22 years old, which is one year plus the legal age, and yes, I am grounded. But it’s not the dictatorship type of being grounded. In fact, there’s still space to breathe in, but the space is just about the size of a keyhole. I must say that for me, the keyhole as a breathing space is not that enough. I could still feel a bit of choking once in a while.
I know my limitations well enough. But then, I would not want my limitations to be set by other people. I am over 21, and so, I am responsible for my actions. I know what’s right or wrong. I am an independent person.
I guess my parents are just way too protective and that they did not see me to be like this since I was the geeky type, and most obedient daughter so to speak. I appreciate their care and concern but at my age, I think they should let me be and let me learn all the consequences.