At Home on a Friday Night

You heard it right! I was home on a Friday night where everybody here at home expects me to go out since they would suspect me that I’m sick just because I’m home. I could have been at Freedom Bar last night but I was not there. It’s the fact that I have to finish something. I was editing the videos of the Nurses that were interviewed. And it really sucks that I have miscalculated. I told my Mom that I could finish the editing the videos in one night. How could I have forgotten that the rendering time of each video (30 minutes length) is two hours? How could I have forgotten that it takes a long time to encode the movie file? You might be wondering what I was doing for the 2 hours of waiting time. Maybe you were thinking that I was watching some movie on DVD format. However, I still chose to stay in front of my computer. So that I would not be bored, I just played games online and I went blog hopping as well. I played the old school Nokia game Snake. I almost beat the top score. Imagine, I was just 5 frigging points away from the top score and there, I bumped into the wall. Probably, it’s cause was the delay of about half a second. I have practically swept off the other names at the top ten leaving three names there.

And before playing the games, my brother scolded me for staying out last night because of the bad weather. I cannot blame him for that. I tried changing the topic by saying that there were chocolates in the fridge since he loves chocolates and he answered me back by saying “Don’t change the topic”. And I thought the plan of changing the topic would work just fine. I was wrong. And I guess that’s one of those reasons that I chose to stay home on a Friday night. Because if I still went out, I’m a hundred percent sure that I’ll be hitting the jackpot prize of endless nagging such that I’ll press the imaginary fast forward button and it will sound like the voice of the chipmunks.

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