Asia’s Titanic in National Geographic Asia

MV Dona Paz model

Remember when an oil tanker named “Vector” and a passenger ship named “MV Dona Paz” collided several years ago? That is what Asia’s Titanic is all about. It was directed by Yam Laranas and this is the first locally-produced documentary for National Geographic.

Vector model

My Review
The documentary features some footage from the archives, interviews with some of the survivors and the reenactment of what has transpired before and after the collision.

Director Yam Laranas
Director Yam Laranas

The voice over was done by Jhoonie Gamboa. I think that was a good choice of the team behind Asia’s Titanic.

The effects needed for the explosion could have been better so that it would look more realistic. In addition, the sea did not look real too and could use some improvement.

Watch for it on the following dates:
August 25, 8pm
August 26, 4am
August 26, 9am
August 26, 1pm
August 26, 9pm
August 30, 9pm
August 31, 1am
August 31, 5am
September 5, 6pm
September 28, 8pm
September 29, 1pm

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