Asian Films

This should be posted a week ago since I watched two Korean movies for two straight nights. And the reason behind it was I ran out of bandwidth and therefore, I cannot publish it. Moving on, I was able to watch Windstruck and Crazy Love. Windstruck will instantly remind you of My Sassy Girl primarily because the sassy girl is in the movie. In Windstruck, you’ll still see the “sassyness” in her. Windstruck is also not your typical film where you would be readily know why the title is such by just hearing its title. Windstruck represents something, and you will not understand it unless you watched the film from start to end. Meanwhile, in Crazy Love, you’ll see a bit of “sassyness” in the character of the girl on the movie. However, as the movie progressed, you’ll notice how submissive she could get for the insensitive jerk that happened to be sensible at the end.

Speaking of Korean films, the next film on my to-look-for, to-buy and to-watch list is My Wife is a Gangster. In the BobongPinoy Mailing List, they were discussing about Korean films and suddenly, there was a topic on My Wife is a Gangster. I got curious because the title itself is very catchy. Upon hearing the title, it’s like Bonnie and Clyde Korean version but I think it’s not.

As for other Asian films, I’ll try to complete my collection of the films of Akira Kurosawa (known for Seven Samurai). I’ve seen a lot of DVD’s of his films at Makati Cinema Square and that’s where I was able to acquire a copy of Dreams. I only have two films of Akira Kurosawa and the other one is Yojimbo. When I was still studying at DLSU, a certain organization there had a Japanese filmfest where they showed some films of Akira Kurosawa. My interest in Japanese films started out of sheer curiosity when there was a discussion of Japanese films (in a certain Yahoo! Groups that I belong to) which was prior to the showing of Ringu in the Cinemanila Film Festival.

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