Arrovo 100-Peso Bill on Flickr

I’ve found this in the photostream of one of my contacts in Flickr. Although this is a collector’s item as claimed by some people in eBay, it’s really one of the bad things that you cannot imagine that would happen to the President of the Philippines. Just imagine your name was misspelled in a press release whilst your one of the big bosses there. Of course, on the next edition, an erratum and a public apology will be printed. In this case, it’s different. It’s a 100-peso bill. And the one who printed it cannot make a press release saying that the printed 100-peso bills with this serial so and so can still be used for transaction despite of the unintentional attempt of humiliating the President. They won’t be used in transaction but will be sought and kept by the collectors. They’ll do all their best to preserve the 100-peso bill so that it would not have any sort of damage. They could frame the controversial monetary bill and put it in their Priceless Hall of Fame.

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