Are you on Twitter?

I just signed up for a Twitter account and I’ve noticed that there are no ads in the site. I’m just wondering if they are getting any revenues since I found in their FAQ that:

Twitter is a free service. At some point we may introduce optional, for-pay features or services but basic usage will remain free. Note: with phone alerts turned on, Twitter makes use of texting or SMS so check with your mobile provider to find out if this will cost you extra.

In Steve Rubel’s blog, he mentioned about the possibility of Twitter facing huge SMS bills. I checked the Twittervision and it seems that it has become a worldwide phenomenon.

I guess they should have engaged a partnership with telecommunications companies of the countries that have a high usage of Twitter. For example, in the Philippines, Twitter could possibly tie up with either Globe, Smart or Sun Cellular. Each time one would send a text message to post an update the one who sends would shoulder P2.50. This amount would split to Twitter and of course the particular telecommunications provider.

Television with text chats are using this kind of business model and it works for them pretty good šŸ˜€ .

On the other hand, I’ve read some blog posts about using Twitter as a marketing medium and even if it’s Terms of Service does not say anything about it, Andy Beard thinks it is unethical to use Twitter for business.

Hmmm, I just hope that the candidates in this coming elections won’t use Twitter to campaign. OMG! What I have done?!? I just gave them an idea. Haha. šŸ˜€

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