Well, the subject heading may remind you of the movie anti-trust but I do not refer to that one. Just this early afternoon, we were at our Mom’s place and we were watching The Last Samurai. Then I was asking for allowance and my brother goes, “Si Karla, di naman yan pumapasok eh.. di yan gumagawa ng thesis..” I do not care if it he meant it as a joke or not but then I know that it will build a not-so-good impression on my Mom. And so, I said, “Pumapasok naman ako ah.. sabi pa nga ng department head namin ang sipag daw namin kasi since summer nakikita nya kami sa school araw-araw”. After that, my Mom asked for the number of our Thesis adviser and I did not hesitate to give it to her.
Now tell me, is that a way to treat a 22-year-old? Instead of giving me a boost of my self-confidence it’s like I’m just being dragged down. They do not see my efforts at all. I myself know better that I am doing my best, working my ass (pardon for the term) off to graduate.
I know that I am one-term delayed. And I am aware that it is partly my fault and I have learned from it. We were delayed one term because the situation called for it. Choose from the following: (a) enrol MAPROJ3 (last part of thesis) and spend a lot of money for the whole thing to work and then later on fail or (b) drop MAPROJ3 and enrol it after the one-year OJT giving us ample time to change our topic and finish it. You cannot blame me why did I chose the latter since I am just being practical about it. And frankly, it is such a pain in the ass (sorry for the term again) if they would rant and rant that I should have marched this June and not 3 months after. They were ranting that I should not have my OJT in this company blah blah because the pay does not sound good to them. For me, I do not care about the pay. It was part of the strategy, my plan. The strategy was like this, I had my OJT there because I know that it would be beneficial for our thesis and even though I told my brother about it he disapproved of it and the same thing goes with my parents. I just hope that when I march wearing my Toga, I hope that they would realize that sometimes, there are decisions that I should be the one taking care of.

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