Another hint from Raimund Marasigan

I just got this from the Eraserheads Mailing List. It was first posted on the Cambio Mailing List and perhaps also on Sandwich and Pedicab mailing lists as well.

dear wizards and witches

there is some disturbing news at the ministry of magic. the dementors
are doing everything they can to stop the show.

be safe

aldus dumbledore

Obviously, we all know who are the dementors. Anyway, I firmly believe that the concert is legal and PMI is not violating the Tobacco Regulation Law since it is their event. They are the organizers and not the sponsors. They, PMI, did not ask me to blog this. Because I wanted to share to everyone that one of the Philippine’s most influential bands (Eraserheads) is having a reunion concert. Two words for the dementors:

Expecto Patronum šŸ˜‰

Note: I am not connected with PMI.

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