And they called it Greek Language

When I have conversations like:

Some person: “What’s your course?”

Me: “Engineering”

Some person: “What kind of engineering? Civil? ECE?”

Me: “Manufacturing Engineering.”

Some person: “Ahhh… meron pala non. So you had your thesis right?”

Me: “Yup!”

Some person: “So, what’s your thesis about?”

Me: “Robot Arm Guidance Using Visual Servoing”

Some person: “Whoa! What language is that?”

And yes, they will certainly refer it to as the Greek language but I would love to call it as Engineeringian language. It’s simply because that if Greeks who does know how to read and write in English but was not exposed to the field of Engineering will surely not understand what the hell Robor Arm Guidance Using Visual Servoing is all about.

This language that has thrived throughout the years. From the moment the first scientists and engineers were born, Engineeringian language was already put to use. It is in this language where people learned how to use Science in saving the world, not only from cavities, but from diseases as well. It is in this language where weapons of mass destruction were made for their ultimate goal which is world domination. But Jessica Zafra does not need all the biochemical weapons, and nuclear bombs in her plans for world domination.

It is in this language where computer systems were built. It is in this language that computer viruses would cost a whole lot just to get the system up again. It is in this language that made the world smaller through the Internet.

This language has been significant and will continue to be significant in the next years to come.

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