And so… the fat thickens…

We had dinner at Gerry’s Grill in Makati. I was with my parents (yes! believe it or not!), and my brother with his juniors (Justin and Lance, the amazing twins whose make-believe names are Batman and Superman respectively), and my sister (the ultra-vain sister who has a penchant for taking pictures of herself using her camera phone or even my phone, and anyone’s phone that she touched). And what do you know, me, whom was thought to be “The Kuripot One” among the siblings (when it comes to blowouts) became somewhat generous.

We ordered Adobo Shreds where my nephews mistaken it as a corned beef. I recommend this appetizer. And this appetizer mixes well with sinangag (fried rice) at breakfast since my brother prepared adobo rice for his breakfast some time ago.

Since my nephews love Sinigang (aside from the fact that they requested it as soon as the waitress put the plates on our table), we also ordered for Sinigang na Baboy (Pork Sinigang).

Also, because my sister loves bagoong Kare-Kare, we also ordered one. I love the Kare-Kare at Gerry’s Grill since their sauce has a creamy texture unlike other restaurants that serve it with a water-like texture.

My father requested for me to order Inihaw na Pusit and I know he will be requesting me since he loves seafoods.

Then, my brother said what we should order something that is fried. And so, my sister came up with the idea of ordering Crispy Pata. But my brother won’t like more fats fried in fat. Thus, the Spicy fried chicken became included in the list. And it’s really spicy especially if you were able to eat the chilli. Hehe!

And because I already missed eating their Sisig, we also ordered one. Too bad I cannot enjoy the Sisig with beer because if there’s beer, there has to be a Vitamin C intake.

After being in the Hansel and Gretel phase (where you eat so many food as if you’ll be slaughtered and grilled on the next day) at Gerry’s Grill, we went to Iceberg’s and had ice cream there.

And so… the fat thickened, and hopefully will be burned. Haha! It really feels good when you go out with your family, spend time with them and treat them a portion of your first paycheck.

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