And I’m still 20-something

Justin and Big Buddha
This is my nephew Justin

Yes, I am still 20-something. I just passed the so-called quarter-life crisis stage. To make things less obvious, here’s some math equation for you:

1/4 x (100) + 1^100

Gone are the days that my parents spend money on my birthday party. So, I treated them at Big Buddha at Greenbelt 3 yesterday since it was a holiday and because I have work today.

The first person who greeted me was five days earlier (our family friend Anna Liao). The second person who greeted me was two days earlier (someone from Friendster). The third and the fourth persons who greeted me were my former billiards and drinking buddies (Kat and Josh). Next to them is my family who greeted me one day earlier because of my lunch treat to them. I got a hundred bucks worth of Starbucks Gift Certificate from my brother that he got for free (take note… free).

Noreen, me, Normz, Rachelle, Ace, Gretch, Jaja

The first gift that I got for myself is a Paramita CD at the Paramita Sophomore Album Launch. Of course, seeing Norman perform once again is priceless. 😀 Seeing Jaja, Noreen, Ace, Gretch, Rachelle, Ycoy and her ate is priceless as well. Getting nostalgic with Normz, Jaja and Noreen plus the Ragnarok boys is priceless as well. 😀 Of course I did not tell them that my birthday is coming up since I may go home broke. Hehe. 😀

I’ll still be going out with my closest friends this week for a celebration. 🙂

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