And I am the OIC

I’ll be the appointed officer-in-charge while the financial manager of the house is away for a US trip this August 1 (his departure from Manila) for 3 weeks. I’ll be taking care of the payment of the electricity and PLDT bills and the groceries too. Attached here is the Out-of-Home Auto Reply from Dad (a parody of the out-of-office auto-reply). I’ll be getting my rewards/incentives once he gets back here though.

From: Dad
To: Jay, Claudia, helpers
CC: Karla
Subject: Out of Home Auto Reply

Dear all,

I’ll be out of the country this August 1 for as US trip (for 3 weeks). For important matters like billing of utilities and groceries, please approach Karla, my OIC.


Don’t text or call me if I did not send an SMS to you. My roaming is already activated and my cellphone bill would increase tremendously.

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