An Overdue post

I have watched three movies already and I haven’t even blogged about it. I was able to watch a movie about a geeky college dude turned Mr. Suave and being the Mr. Suave he is, he had a mission, and that is to be of service of those that are too shy to profess their undying love to a girl that seems to be hard to reach. And if you are thinking Hitch, a film that I thought to have a story about a guy who hitches by just reading the title and not using Google to look for a synopsis about it, you are definitely correct. This film stars Will Smith. And mind you, this is not your typical Will Smith. I did not even expect him doing that kind of film after having watched Men In Black several times. Nevertheless, the film used witty humor which appealed to me. However, the last part of the film where they danced reminded me of Filipino comedy films where they would go on an outing and then dance on the beach. It could have been better without the dancing though. On the contrary, those were some wacky dance steps. Hehe!

The second film that I was able to watch is Robots. And you have to see this if you love 3D animations. This has got to be a pretty tough 3D animation. Also, it’s not only the computer graphics that has caught my attention but as well as the story of the film itself. Think of this, what if there are only robots existing? How will they age? How will they function? How will they propagate children? Can you even imagine buying ordering 12 year old parts just in time for your 12th birthday? Robots is indeed a film for a tech-savvy family. It’s not just a film about robots saving Robot City from the evil pursuit of a somebody. In this film, you’ll learn to have passion in everything that you do. With passion, you can dream and then, you must act on it. And this my friends has always been the philosophy of one of my High School friends who had a speaking engagement earlier in our dear alma mater.

The film that I recently watched is Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous and I just love it when Sandra Bullock quotes some famous fashion designer. Some of the scenes of the movie were shot in Las Vegas which reminded me of my trip there some time ago. When me and my Dad arrived at the Las Vegas airport, guess what we found? A bunch of slot machines as if they’re part of the Welcoming Committee saying, “Welcome to the casino capital of the United States of America” or they’re some sort of a tourist attraction.

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