An Open Letter to some LRT2 passenger

I was riding earlier in LRT2 with Sha. Sha was able to sit down while I stood up. On the opposite side from Sha’s seat, there were students who were reading and would refuse to sit properly. I was looking at them but they are busy highlighting their notes. I did not bitch them since I won’t like to do some bitching in the morning.

Dear some LRT2 Passenger,

I do understand that you need to study real hard for your quiz or required reading by your professor but you see, your bag is also seated down next to you. Did you also pay a ticket for your bag? I think you did not pay for it. Other passengers have the right to sit also and you are so good in making yourself look busy.

Perhaps you’re in a high that you completely ignored the people around you.

One advice, move your big ass and bag please.

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