Alaska-like workplace

When you are inside an Alaska-like workplace all you have to do is to pretend that it’s all in the mind. Seriously, it’s just mind over matter even if you’re shivering already and your color is changing because of the temperature that is way below normal.

Or if the power of your mind can’t overcome the reality, pretend that you are an eskimo. Wear a blazer, then a jacket with hood. Make sure that you’ll wear the hood on so as to strongly suggest more that you are in Alaska with imaginary igloos, penguins and polar bears.
If you’d not want to pretend that you’re an eskimo, prepare some hot coffee and wish that you’ll get burns while drinking. And because you do not want to get burns, just drink three to five mugs of hot coffee without wishing that you’ll get burns. However, you’ll palpitate afterwards after the caffeine rush.

If caffeine won’t work for you, try ice cream. You’ll just have the worst experience in the first few minutes and then you’ll notice that the temperature will rise by a degree.

If it still won’t work, I’d suggest you to roll down on the floor outside the office building. Surely, you’ll feel the warmth of the cement and the feet that walked across it.

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