Ala Kobe Bryant in 90 seconds

If you are fond of arcades, shooting hoops at the mall and the likes, then you’ve definitely heard of TimeZone. Of course, almost every person I know have been to TimeZone or passed by TimeZone because they’re going to watch a movie or will just hang out at Starbucks. Nevertheless, I am one of those who have this certain fondness for TimeZone but not to the point of spending 500 bucks just for it in one day. I was at TimeZone by myself and I played basketball at its three different locations. Basically, I roamed around TimeZone. Played some hoops, then tried on the other location and then the one on the other corner. Then, after using all the shooting power that I’ve got, I played Mario Kart. It’s like a Kiddie type of racing game. But who cares? It’s not the usual. We’ve got Mario out there and there’s your picture also on the screen. Then you’ll get to slam your racing opponents with anything on Mario’s hand. It could be a cover of a trash bin or a shark. Then, I checked out if there’s still someone playing the Time Crisis 3. Unfortunately, I have to exercise my arms again and play basketball even though I felt that my shooting prowess have deteriorated extremely. Then, I saw this old guy playing ala Kobe Bryant. And he made 81 points. My jaw dropped down when I saw the score. And so, I decided to watch him play while waiting for my turn to play Time Crisis 3. I was only able to reach Area 3. I missed out the other areas since my Time Zone card needs to be replenished. Even though I felt a little bad not being able to continue the game, I just controlled myself since I can be really addictive to gaming just like when I was still in grade school.

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