Ako Mismo!

UPDATE: Maxene Magalona posted her statement on Facebook regarding Ako Mismo Campaign. Please read it on her note. Thanks to Jim Ayson for the tip.

While I was watching the delayed telecast of Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton’s fight, I saw the Ako Mismo ad on TV. It was actually surprising to see Ely Buendia there in the ad itself. I remember Gang Badoy of RockEd Philippines once wrote in an article that Ely Buendia has this certain charisma that every politician wished for.

In the middle of the ad, I even saw Fr. De Jesus of San Beda College, uncle of my brother’s ex-wife and a grandpa to my nephews. I was also thinking if this is a political campaign and I was also thinking at the same time that Ako Mismo is an advocacy for change.

It was that mysterious enough that I signed up for it to see what it’s all about. Entering into their website did not provide all the answers to my questions. I still don’t know who is behind Ako Mismo. If Ako Mismo is an organization that has an advocacy then, who are the officers? If Ako Mismo is a political campaign, then, is it a party list? Does it root for a national party in the upcoming 2010 elections?

UPDATE: Apparently, Ako Mismo is by DDB Cares. And now they have FAQs available. Well, I do hope that you won’t join because you want get the dog tags or because you are a fan of [insert name here] that you want to join the movement. UPDATE ENDS HERE

How I wish my nephews could ask Fr. De Jesus about it because they were actually surprised when they saw him on TV. I wish me and Sha would be able to ask Ely more about Ako Mismo on their upcoming gig this Wednesday at mag:net Bonifacio High Street.

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