Against the Light Book Launch

Against the Light by Pupil

Last night, I got myself a copy of Against the Light for 450 pesos. No, it’s not a photography book, it’s actually a Pupil Tour Diary where it has a compilation of photos and text written by all the members of the band (Ely Buendia, Yan Yuzon, Dok Sergio, and Wendell Garcia).

The book launch was held at Fully Booked’s Top Shelf in Bonifacio High Street. When I bought the book there, it came with a Levi’s 2010 calendar and a Levi’s keychain. That’s the first physical 2010 calendar I got this year.

Turbo Goth and Domino performed that night.

Turbo Goth at Against the Light Book Launch
Turbo Goth

Turbo Goth’s set was wild. Thanks to Paolo Peralta’s crazy antics. He went to where Pupil will have their answer and question portion with the media after the show (see photo below).

Against the Light: A Pupil Tour Diary

Paolo even stood up on top of the amplifier and reached the aircon and eventually, he went outside and crawled on the fiber glass (I think it’s made of fiber glass) roof and went back inside. No bouncer stopped Paolo from doing it 😀

After, Turbo Goth, Domino performed. Domino is actually Lally Buendia (sister of Ely Buendia). I haven’t watched her perform live before this but I became excited when I learned that Domino will perform.

Lally Buendia (Domino)
Lally Buendia

Lally performed with Ely Buendia (on keyboards), Dok Sergio (acoustic guitar), and Paolo Soler (drums). Some years back, Domino released “Fair Tales” under Viva Records.

Cat Eyes by Domino

Lally will surely mesmerize you by the time you hear Cat Eyes if you haven’t heard of her song. I’ll update this blog soon with the videos.

Pupil at Against the Light Book Launch

After Domino’s performance, the crowd shouted for more but the Q&A portion should start soon. I was not able to finish the Q&A portion. From what I’ve gathered, most of the pictures (if not all) were shot with a Leica D-LUX 4 (Ely’s camera). It’s a nice compact camera to bring while traveling around. The cover of the book was shot in a school playground in Naga.

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