After a Day’s Work

My usual routine after a day’s work is eat dinner, log-in to the internet, check my mail, and then blog, then blog-hop. It has been like this ever since especially if I do not have plans of being a homebody. I just checked my mail and here are some tidbits that I can share with you:

Global Battle of the Bands Coverage
Charms (the vocalist of Matilda) sent through the Matilda YahooGroups that the Global Battle of the Bands TV coverage will be airing on Friday at 10:30pm. Actually, it was a replay since the premiere telecast of the coverage was just yesterday.

Paramita’s New Management
Paramita is now under the Terno Records Management Group. The said group also handles Radioactive Sago Project. If you want to book them, just contact Toti Dalmacion at 0917-
5345404 / 844-4656.

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