Adobe Acrobat 3D

This is something that should make the DWF (Design Web Format), Autodesk be afraid of. I’ve seen the sample pdf file with an embedded 3D object that you can pan, zoom, and rotate just like what DWF can do. You can download the sample pdf file at this page. And comparing DWF and PDF, I must say that the PDF did not miss the security issue with regards to making sure that design cannot be copied easily. Let’s say you are in a design firm and you share your data with your client. The data is in DWF format and your client has DWF composer. Can you just imagine the possibility that the DWF file may leak into the hands of the competitor? Another plus points for Acrobat 3D is that the quality of the vector image is greater than that of DWF. The only advantage of DWF over PDF is the file size. DWF files have small file sizes. I haven’t experienced yet going beyong 1MB. However, companies would surely value security over file size optimization.

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