Active Project is Not a Vault Project

As I was preparing my slides for tomorrow’s class for the Autodesk Inventor Customized training, I’ve had some problems logging in to the Vault. Everytime I logged in, a dialog box appears saying that the active project is not a vault project. But it is a vault project. Then, I learned from one of the former AE’s in our office that the project file has an XML data. Thus, I tried opening it in Notepad and tweaked it manually after referring to the XML data of the other project files. Still, there was no effect. The problem persisted. However, this morning, I was able to solve the problem.

Content Center Files folder should be within the same level of hierarchy as that of the Workspace folder (e.g. C:\Vault\Content Center Files, C:\Vault\Workspace). I can’t remember anything like that mentioned in the PDF file that I was reading previously. This should already get me to the habit of managing my Inventor data with Vault.

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