Accidents happen

I just cannot believe the email that I’ve read awhile ago. I’m here at an Internet shop at Singapore, just a few steps from the hotel. It’s about my cousin Audrey, her husband Damien and their child. They had a car accident at around 12:30 am last Sunday (PST) on their way home. The car fell of an enbankment and burned. All of them died. When I was 14 years old, that was the first and the last time that I got the chance to hang out with Audrey. She brought me some place where we could play mini golf and we ate out like pigs even if our stomach was full already. I was hoping to meet Audrey and her family by the time I will go to US for a vacation before my US Visa will expire. Unfortunately, that would not happen anymore. All that I will get to see there are their pictures showing how happy they were when they’re still alive.

I know that this would hurt Tito Burt, Tita Yolly and Kevin because Audrey has always been really sweet. To Audrey and family, we will surely miss you.

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