A YouTube alternative

One of my online buddies in my Multiply account shocked us with the news that her YouTube account got suspended. She lost 300+ videos that she uploaded and it’s no wonder that she would feel bad about it as she stated in her blog. Actually, there are a lot of alternatives there other than YouTube. She could try imeem. It is quite similar to YouTube. Their only difference is that you could also upload audio tracks or podcasts and as well as photos. However, it is clearly stated in their Terms of Use that:

You must not upload or present any media or content in which you do not have the appropriate rights to do so. You may be in violation of copyright laws if you do not have all appropriate rights to the media and content you upload or present on imeem. imeem reserves the right to cancel any and all accounts of individuals violating copyright laws.

Hmmm, I guess it’s safer to upload CBS shows rather than videos that has something to do with ABS-CBN. 😀

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