A Trip to Quiapo Divisoria

I became a bit disoriented in the morning, probably because of just having a 4-hour sleep. It was my first time to go to Divisoria since a decade ago. And so, I went off the bus just across from Quiapo Church. And having mistaken it as Divisoria is enough to prove how disoriented I was when it comes to streets and directions at that time. And with a semi-deaf person accompanying me, we rode a jeep going to Tayuman instead of Tutuban which made the journey longer and even more tiring.

Being a Filipino that I am, my friend Kat waited for me there for two hours. And Kat, as my very good friend, waited for me and did not nag me for making her wait that long. Some people I know won’t be able to wait for someone even for just 15 minutes. I guess that situation called for a quits when me, being a good friend that I am, also waited for her for an hour on some occasions. But being late is not really in my nature. In fact, I do not like to be late. Being late adds to my list of top ten worries for the day. And being worried would just add up to my stress levels. When I arrived at our meeting place, I said sorry for more than 5 times.

And she was telling to me things like, “Dapat sinamahan mo na ako maglunch” which is more than enough to shake my already shaken conscience for making her wait that long. And instantly, there was a flashback where I was at Chowking Carriedo eating lunch and I was having a dialogue with my conscience:

My Conscience: You completely forgot your friend who was waiting for you.

Me: Munch. Gulp.

My Conscience: Don’t pretend that you do not hear me.

Me: Munch. Gulp.

My Conscience: I give up. I’ll haunt you later.

Nevertheless, the experience proved to be a fruitful one where me and my friend were able to convince the store owner to lower down the price. Hehe!

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