A Strictly Friends-from-office gimmick

office matesJust last Friday, we had a strictly friends-from-office gimmick. From the picture on the left, the edited FRIENDS picture with a frame was given by one of the OJT’s in the company I am currently working for. And, I know you might ask me questions where I am working for but I really do not want to give out information regarding that especially here on the Internet. Let me remind you that everything can be searched through Google. As I was saying, I went out last Friday with my officemates. We had dinner at KFC. And yeah that was my treat. And thank you for the existence of the Family Bucket Meal. It’s a budget-saver. Hehe! After dinner, we walked around Greenbelt 3 first, preparing ourselves for the ultimate drinking session.

As the clock striked 8:30pm, we were already inside Temple Bar, situated in the Vitamin C area. The other group inside were having dinner, while, us the alcohol-thirsty-yuppies, were already looking at the alcoholic beverages menu. I had a vodka kurant while the others had a Vodka Cruiser and a Long Island Iced Tea. Then, they ordered for a bottle of Jose Cuervo Tequila which is spotted by the two OJT’s that we won’t be seeing anymore this coming Monday. We were around nine in the group. Mind you, no single drop of tequila was wasted and thus, everything was consumed.

I really don’t like to drink that much. In fact, I do not belong to the alcohol-thirsty group. But since it’s the despedida for the two OJT’s, then, I might as well join them in the ultimate drinking session.

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