A Shakey’s kiddie party

Happy 7th Birthday Justin and Lance

My nephews, Justin and Lance, celebrated their 7th birthday party just this afternoon at Shakey’s in Magallanes. Their actual birthdate is November 7. Of course, it is better to celebrate it on a weekend. 😀

It’s good to see that almost all of the kids there participated in the games. One of which is the longest line where Justin took off his shirt just to make sure that their team will win the game.

Aside from the games, they were all excited for the appearance of Captain Shakey’s. The kids were all hugging Captain Shakey’s and one of the crew their told the kids to be gentle with the mascot. But the kids cannot help but play with Captain Shakey’s. 😀 Of course I was also excited to have a picture taken with the mascot. Besides, I am the photographer there. 😀

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