A Long Print to Forever

Thanks to the advancement of printer technology. If high-speed printers are not available at this time, it would take me forever to print our thesis that is 289 pages all in all (including the title page of course) and beyond that, 3 copies are needed for the draft alone. Now, you do the math if you want to know how many sheets of short bond paper are needed.

I just cannot understand why do we have to print all three copies even if Xerox technology would permit us to make our lives easier. In addition to that, photocopying costs less than printing. The lowest cost of printing per page that I have ever known is P1.50 (laser printer) while photocopying a sheet of paper would cost you 50 cents (for powder copy). Come to think of it, 1 peso per sheet of paper could be saved if the other two copies are to be photocopied.

Now, I am printing and posting at my blog at the same time. I just do not want to bore myself by waiting 289 (multiply it to three) sheets of paper to be ejected out of the printer. It is indeed a long print to forever.

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