A hectic day means like this

Yesterday was one of the most hectic schedules I’ve ever had. Just imagine a schedule like this:

9am: exam
2pm: interview
230pm: surprise exam
4pm: interview

And the 4pm interview is supposed to be a 330pm interview. It’s just that I didn’t see the exam coming. Good thing it was not that long and the best part of it is that their buildings are on the same street.

And tomorrow will be another hectic day for me.

11am: interview
after lunch: Job Expo at DLSU

And because of the Job Expo, it means that I have to print more resumes.

And these are the realities of how hard it is to find a job especially if you are a fresh graduate and without any work experience.

One more thing, this is a typical entry of a fresh graduate like me. What’s new anyway?

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