A Friendster for Dogs

Photo Courtesy of Dogster.Com

A dog is certainly man’s bestfriend. But dogs do have pup pals too. Thus, is the birth of Dogster.Com. Dogster.Com is a product of the dog freaks and computer geeks of One Match Fire.
The picture above is Willow Rose, she is Dogster.Com’s Dog of the Week. She is a 2-year old Daschund. Her nicknames are Willow Bug, Will and The Torpedo.
She likes senior citizens, little boys’ ears, men with beards, playing with her buddy Agatha Q. Kitten, the electric blanket, and going fishing! Her favorite food is whatever you are having. Hehe. This certainly reminds me of our dogs at home.
Well, there was also something on the profile such as Favorite Walk, Arrival Story, Bio and the like. But I guess they should also include on how did they come up with such name for their dog.
For you dog lovers out there, sign up a Dogster account and let your dogs conquer the Internet.

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