A Friday Morning Interview

Since my brother have his car fixed, I have to drop him at his office. But then, unexpected things happen, like a traffic jam at Dela Rosa Street in Makati. Who would want to be stuck in traffic at 8 yadda yadda in the morning when my interview is at 9am? Of course I do not want to be late because it is a job interview. And as they say, “First impressions last”. Then, since I do not know much of Makati sidestreets, I went back to Dela Rosa after dropping my btother at his office.

When we were in Buendia, there was also another traffic and there were only five minutes left before 9am. Then kaboom! It was 9am when the green light turned on. Then, as we approached Guadalupe, the the cars were already slowly moving. By the time we reached the Ortigas area, the cars were already running fast which was a good sign. We arrived at the office at 930am. I can’t believe that I was late for thirty minutes. Geesh!

As I got there, I was asked to answer an essay and fill up the application form. Then, I was interviewed by the HR. At least I got to answer all of her questions pretty well including the most abused question, “Would you tell me something about yourself?”. And guess where’s the next interview? Drumroll please… at Malolos, Bulacan. Wow. That’s way far from the south. Sigh.

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