A Day in the Province

We went to Siniloan, Laguna for a Welcome Party organized by Lola Pining. The welcome party is for Tito Bart and Tita Yolly. They’re now living in Los Angeles, California and they are just having a vacation here. Since we had a drinking session last night with my brother and some of his teammates in basketball, we woke up late. I was able to wake up at 9am, but all my brother and sister is still asleep. Thus, I slept again and woke up an hour later. We left the house at past 11am and went to Paco to fetch Justin and Lance. My brother haven’t had breakfast yet and so, we bought something from Pan de Manila. He bought some macaroons (one of our favorites since Mom used to cook this one for us when we were kids) and pandesal (duh!). Instead of taking the Los Banos route, we opted to take the Rizal route since it’s a lot nearer in Siniloan and less traffic of course.

My brother played his Chillout Lounge CD and Justin and Lance sang. Haha! They were making weird sounds and they were also laughing which made us laugh too. Then, Justin slept while Lance just sat in the middle and looked around. After some time, Lance puked. And if Lance puked on our way to Siniloan, Justin puked on our way home while Lance was sleeping.

I guess both of them should have a plastic bag where they could vomit so that they won’t have to mess up the mat of the car. Or, both of them should be sleeping especially if we’ll be going outside Metro Manila in order to avoid unexpected stopovers.

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