A Case of Shitty Customer Service

We have all experienced crappy customer service except for those who are really lucky of not having encountered such people. Lesson Number One: Do not judge the book by its cover! Lesson Number Two: Always remember the Golden Rule! Lesson Number Three: A camera won’t get damaged after falling about two inches except it has fallen over something that could scratch the lens. Lesson Number Four: Do not get intimidated by loud voices because it’s just their defense mechanism. Lesson Number Five: I’m not telling you to boycott the products of Pentax because the attitude of the supervisor does not equate to the quality of the products per se. Read more of Jun Carnecer’s experience at Pentax, Megamall.

I came to SM Megamall to look for a digital camera. I just came from the Sony and Canon stores when I noticed the Pentax shop. I came in and asked for their digital cameras. It turned out they had only one, but it was beautiful, an Optio 5sz which cost about 24,000. I asked for it and, with my hand resting on the glass stand, I started flipping my wrist trying to inspect what the front and back looks like. Suddenly, it slipped, and dropped from a height of about two inches, and hit the glass. That was when my ordeal started.

There was, of course, a sound and when the store supervisor heard it, she haughtily declared, “Haay naku, good as sold na iyan.” The original store lady then kept on saying it’s been deformed, because their camera is more sensitive than others. I said, a drop from
two inches can damage your camera? She said, yes, even if you drop it just an inch.

I asked her to show me a brand new unit so she can point out the “deformity.” She took out her
stock andspent a few minutes looking at the two units, trying to point out which was deformed, but there was no deformity. The supervisor joined the discussion, but like
the store clerk, couldn’t point out a single dent.

Embarrassed, the saleslady then declared that the damage is in the lens, and that the lens wouldn’t come out automatically. It turned out that she couldn’t do that even in the new unit, because she didn’t know how to operate it. Eventually, she got it to work in both units. At that point, her voice started getting loud. When I asked her to lower down her voice, she said “malakas talaga ang boses ko,” which wasn’t the case when I first talked to her.

She then said that the camera couldn’t take pictures anymore. Lo and behold, both cameras functioned similarly.

The supervisor then joined the discussion, and repeatedly wagged her finger at us. I told her to stop wagging her finger, and she did. She took both cameras and whenever she pressed the same buttons, the cameras would respond similarly and at with the same speed.

During this time, they asked the guard to close the shop, preventing others from coming in, and of course, us from coming out. In good faith, I gave my business card, which has my mobile number, fax, and office landline. I also gave my in-laws’ landline. The supervisor kept on operating the two cameras, and couldn’t see any difference. She then lay them side by side, and when my wife pointed to the cameras, she shouted: “stop pointing your fingers at our products!” That was when my wife also started raising her voice.

Eventually, the two girls couldn’t do anything as the camera was behaving properly. By this time the sales clerk was quiet, but just kept on grinning and sneering. The supervisor kept on shouting. I’m not sure why, except that napahiya kasi sila.

All this time, the lady guard was just observing the incident. I talked to the guard and mentioned the two salesladies’ claims: that the camera was deformed, that the lens wouldn’t come out automatically, and that it couldn’t take pictures. In each instance, their claims blew up on their faces. After this, the guard let us out, because they couldn’t prove that the camera’s damaged.

The said thing for them, is that I wouldn’t have mind buying the camera as it looked good. Had they acted with more courtesy, I would’ve bought it, as I had more than
enough cash on my wallet at that time. I’m upset that these two ladies acted like they were
leading customers to a spider web, and when their trap failed, they resorted to shouting, hoping to intimidate us. Sadly for them, their rudeness backfired.

When I got home, I realized that they probably thought that I’m a moneyless guy on a window-shopping trip. I was wearing shorts and sandals at the same time. I also probably had some dirt somewhere as I changed a flat tire just before going to Megamall. I can not think of any other reason behind their condescending behavior, unless they’re just simply rude.

If you know any forum where I can air my complaints, I’d appreciate it. I was looking for the
customer help desk in Megamall, but couldn’t find it. I also searched the Pentax website, but
can’t find an email address that I can send my complaint to. I also cannot believe that a Pentax
camera, when dropped from a height of one inch will be irreparably damaged as claimed by the store personnel.

Advise ko na lang sa inyo: Take care when buying a digital camera, and avoid Pentax. Buy sony,
canon, Kodak, etc., but avoid Pentax. Unless you want to experience this horrible treatment.

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