A Blog to Share

The first time that I started blogging, (that was in November 2001) I never thought that I will gain real friends through it. At first, I was just aiming to improve my writing skills. When I had a chance to blog hop around the cyberspace, the history of my friendship with other bloggers started. Even before I started blogging, I had friends that I met through the EB’s organized by other messageboards enthusiasts and had the chance to interact with some of them through EB’s that were organized.

In the blogosphere, it was different. You share your life to every netizen since anyone can read it. You share your frustrations, whatever you have read (be it a novel, a newspaper article or a magazine article, or even from another blog), your thoughts on your favorite Survivor contender, your conversation with a stranger, your pet cats and even the bikini that you’d be wearing on your summer getaway. It may appear to some people that some of the simple things posted on their blog are trivial. However, they have failed to see that they’re sharing their life even with complete strangers they haven’t met. You may have thought that they should not be posting it because they should only be sharing it with their close friends. Isn’t it touching to read a stranger’s random thoughts? For all you know, they could make a big impact on you. I have met a lot of them. And they have truly made a big impact on me.

I blog to communicate. I blog to share. I blog to inspire. I blog to make others laugh or cry. And I blog because I love to. And I’ll stay.

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